Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art Presents Bruce Marsh: Paintings

April 6-28  Opening reception is Friday, April 6

The exhibit features large-scale, realistic paintings that were recently shown at the Tampa Museum of Art.


(Sarasota, FL) Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art gallery presents “Bruce Marsh: Paintings,” April 6-28 The exhibit, curated by Mark Ormond, features paintings by Bruce Marsh, a veteran painter and professor emeritus at University of South Florida. Several of the works were recently exhibited at the Tampa Museum of Art. A reception, with the artist, is Friday, April 6, 5:30-7:30 p.m. The gallery is at 1288 N. Palm Ave., Sarasota. For more information about this exhibit, call 941-366-2454 or visit

Sheila Moore, the owner of Allyn Gallup Contemporary Art, says that the more than 15 works in this exhibit, “explore the paradox of perception and representation.”

One of Florida’s most distinguished painters, Bruce Marsh established his reputation as a working artist while teaching painting for 34 years at the University of South Florida. From his Ruskin studio overlooking Little Manatee River, Marsh creates both large-scale, realistic oil paintings and more loosely rendered watercolor studies. He is known for his landscapes that deftly capture the sensuous qualities of the natural and manmade environment. After many years focusing on nature, particularly the riverine landscape just outside his studio, Marsh has more recently returned to the human figure, both as a singular subject and as part of larger compositions.

Jay Williams, the curator of Collections and Exhibitions at Vero Beach Museum of Art, wrote that Marsh’s canvases “often capture the effects of light on various surfaces from the ripples on a mangrove bay, patterns in shell beds, and billowing clouds to cracked pavement, eroded soil, and even the view through the wet glass of a windshield. His agile, subtle brushwork can be appreciated on its own terms, sometimes bordering on the abstract when seen up close, while remaining within the traditions of realism.”

Marsh says that his work is “an extension of my lifelong interest in the processes of perception and representation. The places involve large expanses of space, a clarity of light, and a chaos of surface incident that serves to measure the expanse of the places. Color is of critical importance, as I seek to invent means to invoke atmosphere, space, and shifting sources of light.”

Marsh’s works have been featured in many solo and group exhibitions, and are represented in the collections of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; The Ringling, Sarasota; Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg; Tampa Museum of Art; and the New Orleans Museum of Art.

“As an avid reader and observer of art, culture and history, Bruce Marsh thoughtfully contemplates how his paintings will add to the continuum and advancement of ideas about painting,” says Mark Ormond. “He is constantly rethinking his process and each new painting represents a complex matrix of planning and invention.”


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