Nautilus Homes Appoints Office and Marketing Manager

Brittany Perrone brings a background in corporate innovation and marketing and a strong entrepreneurial spirit to her role as Nautilus Homes’ office manager.


(Sarasota, FL) Ryan Perrone, the owner/founder of Nautilus Homes, recently named Brittany Perrone as the firm’s office and marketing manager. Perrone will serve as the initial point of contact for clients, subcontractors, and visitors. She will also oversee and implement Nautilus Homes’ marketing initiatives and strategies.

“The office manager puts a human face on our company,” says Ryan Perrone. “She’s the first point of contact for clients, subcontractors, and anyone visiting the Nautilus office. Brittany is a dedicated professional and the perfect fit for this position. Along with her background in marketing and corporate innovation, she brings a deep understanding of creative problem-solving.”

Brittany Perrone, who is married to Ryan Perrone, will also design, implement and lead the firm’s marketing strategies. With a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship and corporate innovation, and an MBA in marketing, Perrone is highly qualified for this creative role.

“Supporting the team is my main focus,” says Perrone. “I’m here to help them do what they do best—design and build inspired spaces.”

Digital expertise is also part of Perrone’s track record. In her spare time, she owns and operates a socially responsible online boutique that benefits global aid projects worldwide. She is also a student and teacher of yoga and Pilates around Sarasota.

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About Nautilus Homes

Founded by Sarasota native Ryan Perrone, Nautilus Homes is a boutique-style luxury property builder serving the full build-out and refurbishing needs of residential and commercial clients throughout Southwest Florida. The company’s mission is to create the finest properties — regardless of size — for discerning home and business owners who demand the best in craftsmanship, design and experience. To learn more about Nautilus Homes, call 941-366-3650 or visit